Carlos Santos in Drum4Syria Group Marathon 2018

Music, Photo, Video and Passion

Born in 1978 in Porto – Portugal, Carlos Santos aka Metamorpheu, photographer, videographer, multi-instrumentalist musician and producer holds the Guinness World Record for the Drum Marathon By an Individual set at 133 hours and 3 Minutes. Santos set this record drumming for Positive Parenthood and against Parental Alienation.

Motivated for a higher good, striving to help Syrian children in need, Carlos decided to, alongside UNICEF, gather efforts from several institutions and invite Record holder colleague drummers that have participated in the Guinness Drum Marathon inviting them for a Group Record, hosting the event in Castelo Branco in September 2018, setting the group record at 100 Hours.

Carlos dedicates most of his time working on music, photo and video, but also teaching drums at the school he co-founded with Maestro Rui Barata, Rock Academy at Castelo Branco, Portugal.